Many have come to associate Irv Gotti with the since-defunct Murda Inc empire, and thus, dubbed him a casualty of the great Shady-Aftermath war. Yet the man has amassed a legendary discography, and immersed himself at the center of New York hip-hop in a truly gully era. Case in point, Irv worked with the likes of DMX, Jay-Z, and Ja Rule during the height of their fame, becoming one of the most reliable producers in their respective circles. If you have any appreciation for New York late-nineties hip-hop, you'd do yourself a disservice to disrespect Irv Gotti's legacy. 

Today, Irv has clearly been feeling nostalgic, perhaps leafing through the It's Dark And Hell Is Hot liner notes. The producer took to Instagram to share a nostalgic throwback, in which he, DMX, and Jay-Z flip the birds in silent rebellion. "Mood," writes Gotti, alongside the hashtag
"#freedmx," a cruel reminder that the legendary Dark Marn currently spends time behind bars.

Shout out to Irv Gotti, and while he's previously spoken about the tension that occasionally arose between Jigga and X, it's nice to three the two rap legends posted up together like old times.