Last night, Jhené Aiko unveiled a new version of her "Triggered" freestyle from earlier in the year, adding some star power to the remix. The updated song features new parts by 21 Savage and Summer Walker. 21 Savage has been a hot topic in the news since the beginning of 2019 with many of his headlines revolving around his immigration status. Savage was arrested by ICE and it was determined that he was living in the United States on an expired Visa after moving here as a British national. That information had previously not been public knowledge. Still, his relationship status remains a conversation starter among gossipers and his latest verse has people wondering just who is on his mind.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Perhaps his most famous romantic partner to date has been Amber Rose, who he dated several years ago. The two served as "relationship goals" for a number of folks before they split up and people have pointed out that some of his recent lyrics may actually be about the model. We'll likely never know if that's the truth but the circumstances being laid out in his new song fall in line with that speculation.

In the "Triggered" remix, Savage raps: "I was triggered when I seen you with that scrub, on God/He can’t handle you, you know you need a thug, on God/They say never wife a woman that you meet inside a club/But I slept with half the club, baby who am I to judge?" While those bars could be for anybody, the following lyrics have fans wondering if Amber Rose and her man Alexander "AE" Edwards are the real targets. "I went against the world when they shamed you/I was ready to go to war when it pertained to you/How you leave a real n*gga for a lame dude? I did things with that p*ssy that he can’t do," he says on record.

Do you think 21 Savage is going deep in his imagination for this verse or is it based on one of his past relationships -- perhaps his love with Amber Rose?