We've come to know 50 Cent as a major troll. Nearly everything he does online is a joke. When he's not teasing his upcoming television ventures, he's making fun of one of his rivals: Ja Rule, Busta Rhymes, Floyd Mayweather... You get the point. When you land on his social media profiles, you never quite know what to expect. Has he shared a new meme pertaining to somebody he publicly dislikes? Is he poking fun at his "son" 6ix9ine? This time, 50 Cent has us all confused with a new movement he's at the head of.

The man is seemingly only interested in positivity from this point forward. After Ashanti accused Curtis of being a "bully," the rapper ended up blocking Ja Rule on Instagram before shifting his entire mindset. "Get The Strap" became a thing when Fiddy continuously shared it on all of his posts and now, he's doing the same with his new hashtag. The branding wiz is now closing all of his uploads with "positive vibes," posting content that he believes will lift people up. Of course, some jokes have been included in the mix as he shared a photo of a pregnancy test, an artwork with several sex toys, and the mirror that was shot at 6ix9ine and Kanye West's music video shoot.

With the G-Unit member now moving into a more optimistic realm, have we seen the end of his trolling days or is this just an extended chapter from them?