For weeks now, Nicki Minaj has been talking about her "new boy." While the man's identity has been masked, we may be getting a glimpse at what exactly is going on in the New Yorker's love life. A few names have been thrown around but when it comes to Minaj these days, nothing is really that predictable. If you're doubting us, just listen to yesterday's episode of Queen Radio. According to TMZ's reports, "new boy's" identity may have just been revealed as Nicki has been seen hanging around Lewis Hamilton, partying until the late hours of the day at NYFW parties.

It's unclear whether any shoes or bottles were thrown at said parties but the star was linked up all night with the Formula One racer after he debuted his new fashion collection with Tommy Hilfiger. The two were traveling around to different spots in the same car, which may mean nothing in the long run but if they continue to be spotted together, the rumor mill will continue to turn. 

Of course, both of them have been romantically linked to a slew of A-listers so a high-profile relationship would be nothing new for either. Hamilton has been seen with the likes of Rihanna and Kendall Jenner while Nicki's relationships have been public for years as she's been rumored to be dating the biggest of stars. 

Nicki refused to comment further on the remarks she made during her radio show, leaving her rant up for interpretation. One thing's for sure: she does not like Cardi B one bit.