Lloyd Banks is quick to announce projects, but not as quick to deliver on the promise. The G-Unit rapper hinted at a sequel to his Halloween Havoc mixtape way back in 2012, and so far, we've seen no sign of it. 

Yesterday on Instagram, Banks gave us a good sign that the project is actually on its way, sharing some artwork for the tape with the caption "this what u want?".

Fans are still patiently awaiting the arrival of Cold Corner 3, which once again, was announced way back in 2013. Regardless of what title is comes under, we're sure Banks stans will be psyched to hear any new music from the rapper, who hasn't dropped a project since 2013's AON.

Check out the artwork below. With Halloween already behind us, we're thinking this has got to be coming sooner than later.

Update: Banks says the project is coming "in a few".