Is PartyNextyDoor actually 31 years old?

In a post on KanyeToThe, user u/Corporate claims that PartyNextDoor was not only not born in 1993, but is pretending to be eight years younger than his true age.

"RnB sensation Jahron Brathwaite, more famously known as PARTYNEXTDOOR, is a very talented musician who slaved under the OVO sweatshop," he writes. "Before taking up the moniker, he ingeniously came up with Jahron B. (a play off his real name) and spent many years attempting to blow up."

He goes on to present four pieces of evidence to support his claim. His case largely hinges on whether or not a musician named Jahron B. and PartyNextDoor are the same person. There is also the possibility that some of the evidence presented has been doctored.

Here are u/Corporate's four pieces of evidence:

1. An old yearbook photo of PND

u/Corporate first presents PND's yearbook photo from Applewood Heights Secondary School. He alleges that the pic was taken in 1985 -- the same year he alleges PND was born. One could respond to this claim one of two ways: a) it debunks u/Corporate's theory, or b) it was a typo, the picture was taken in another year; and u/Corporate's theory remains a possibility.

2. An old Soundclick profile

What appears to be PND's old Soundclick profile lists his age at 31 and indicates that he made the profile in 2007.

3. Picture of Jahron B. from 2009

This picture of someone who may or may not be PND/Jahron B was taken in 2009. PND was ostensibly 16 years old at the time; u/Corporate believes he looks much older.

4. Picture of Jahron B. fan allegedly taken in 2002

This photo of a Jahron B. supporter is dated from 2002. The dates provided by these older cameras are frequently never set by their owners and notoriously unreliable.


u/Corporate makes some serious accusations against PND. Does he make a compelling case? Share your thoughts in the comments.