The signs seem to be pointing at another installment in The Weeknd's latest project as fans everywhere speculate on the possibility of a follow-up to My Dear Melancholy,. Out of nowhere, Abel released the EP last month to rave reviews from his supporters. After Travis Scott had teased that the singer's album was like "when [he] heard him for the first time," many were expecting a jump back to the darker days for Abel, and they got their wish to an extent. New Weeknd was a steady blend of all of his projects thus far, mixing the somber and the bright to create a unique sound for him. But several elements of the release have fans speculating that others are on the way.

The Weeknd changed his Instagram bio to read, "we’re alone together," which many believe to be the name of the artist's next project. My Dear Melancholy, curiously had a comma written at the end of it and though it may have been for stylistic reasons, the questionable use of punctuation could hint at a continuation of the EP. Abel has been known to, in the past, release projects in threes. Many believe that My Dear Melancholy, is part of a trilogy, much like his 2012 compilation was.

Whether or not this is all wild speculation will be determined in the future but there is definitely something fishy going on and fans think they've gotten to the bottom of things. Check out some of the theories below and let us know your thoughts.