The three year anniversary of Isaiah Rashad's debut studio album, The Sun's Tirade, just passed and fans getting antsy waiting for new music from the TDE artist. Luckily, Rashad crafts projects that have incredible replay value, so it's easy to keep spinning The Sun's TiradeCilvia Demo or earlier mixtapes until new songs from him fall in our lap. Unluckily, Rashad doesn't do many features or release many loosies, so fans have been wholly subsisting on these earlier projects while waiting for the next, which is reportedly titled The House Is Burning

An expected release date for The House Is Burning has been totally up in the air, as not much information has been shared by Rashad or his label. However, things changed yesterday when the Chattanooga rapper took to Reddit to respond to some fans' pleas for new tunes. Apparently Rashad is pretty active on Reddit under his username, lilsunny423. He posts some pictures and life updates on there, although he remains relatively quiet on social media in general. 

On a subreddit forum dedicated to his fans, Rashad wrote, "I gotchall in a few weeks." He also filled people in on what's been going on with him. "Shit def has been going on wit my life. I quit drugs and all that shit.. so life has been different this past half year .. adjustments.. the stuff I like is different.. the things that are important to me are different.. I love rap. I love making art. Busting a flow.. just been lining my values up with my lyrics ya dig me." Congrats to Isaiah Rashad on being 90 days sober!