At this point, the state of Isaiah Rashad's third studio album -- tentatively titled The House Is Burning -- has become somewhat of a hip-hop meme. Case in point, his labelmate Reason actually went so far as to tease the rapper on his name-heavy "Might Not Make It" single, alluding to the project's seemingly infinite release cycle. Yet every so often, Rashad himself comes forward to remind the fans that the album is indeed on the way, with a few recent tweets actually pointing to an imminent release.

Isaiah Rashad

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

For one, Rashad opened the floodgates by cryptically declaring this to be the "most important week of my life right now," which immediately had fans shifting to the music. Naturally, the rapper's replies were flooded with fervent demand for the highly-sought-after follow-up to The Sun's Tirade, including a telling "why" from "Extinct" collaborator J.I.D. With many assuming that Rashad was speaking about his music, the rapper was forced to issue a clarification of sorts -- one that didn't exactly cool the flames of hype, but rather provided further context about the release cycle. 

Following a fan's accusation that "he was talking like he's about to drop," Rashad denied any such claims -- but not without throwing the needy a slight morsel on which to dine. "im not," he writes. "im talkin like im mixin it." Seeing as the mixing stages arrive at the end of an album's production cycle, it wouldn't be surprising to see this one land in the year's first quarter. With that in mind, check out Rashad's tweets below and sound off if you're excited to see it drop.