Zion Williamson went down with a knee injury in Duke's big game against North Carolina on Wednesday night. His injury sparked many criticisms of college basketball and how necessary it actually is. One of those people that spoke up on social media was Denver Nuggets player Isaiah Thomas who explained how players should just skip the NCAA altogether.

"Let these kids go straight out of HS!!! Too much on the line to be messing with college if you got a legit chance to turn pro. One injury can change somebody career, Zion sit yo ass down lol and we will be ready for you in the big boy league," Thomas said, adding: "If they not tryna pay these college athletes then the NBA should let them come straight outta HS. If college was paying these athletes then it would be a different story but since they not let these kids go get this money if they have the chance too."

Thomas' last tweet seems to be in reference to the fact that Zion's injury came thanks to his sneaker breaking. The shoe in question was the Nike PG 2.5, which led Paul George to contact Nike about what exactly happened.

As of right now, there is no timetable for Zion's return to action.