Isaiah Thomas has been a journeyman point guard in the NBA over the last few years and while he has certainly had flashes of brilliance, he hasn't been able to find very much consistency. Thomas was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Los Angeles Clippers this past season although the team eventually waived him, leaving the player without a team. Now, Thomas has been watching the NBA playoffs from the comfort of his home while also plotting his return and who he might like to play for.

In fact, Thomas advocated for a spot on the Golden State Warriors yesterday after Jared Dudley pointed out that the team would be near the top four in the Western Conference next season. "I need that warriors action. I’ll come off the bench serving," Thomas said.

Of course, whether or not Thomas gets a spot on the roster, depends on the Warriors' GM and what their plans are as an organization moving forward. The team has been known for adding a ton of depth in the past, which means Thomas' desires aren't exactly out of reach.

Not to mention, the Warriors will have a lottery pick this year, which will certainly set them up well next season.