The bitterness may have subsided after the Isaiah Thomas experiment never really got off the ground. All parties are in agreement that a decision was forced by two separate clauses: Kyrie Irving wanting out & the Cleveland brass trying to wield their lottery protected pick in exchange for assets. If Isaiah still holds any resentment it's not towards LeBron and the Cavaliers' roster, but rather with Boston management. Seriousness aside, Isaiah is still acting like a kid with a lunch pail on his first day of school. Thomas shared a NBA Finals-themed TBT post depicting JR Smith, LeBron, and himself with the caption: "Let's Get It lol," as if he were still on the active roster gearing up for Game 1.

Isaiah was packaged at the Trade deadline for a slew of roster players who have hardly kept pace. Rodney Hood is sitting in a puddle, and Jordan Clarkson only sees the floor as a decoy, sparing LeBron the trouble of dribbling the ball up court. Larry Nance supplies a bottomless reserve of energy, which would make a soluble difference if it weren't for his other limitations. The bum rap on Isaiah Thomas kind of falls on his preference to play in a certain role, one he was never certain of carving out in Cleveland with LeBron at the helm. That doesn't preclude him from throwing salt on the Cavalier crest. LeBron and Isaiah were never destined to lock horns.