It's well documented that Kawhi Leonard wanted out of San Antonio. This was mostly due to the fact that he wasn't happy with how they handled his quadriceps injury which kept him out for the majority of last season. When the former Finals MVP returned to San Antonio for the first time Thursday night, he was met with boos and chants calling him a "traitor."

Isaiah Thomas, a guard for the Denver Nuggets, saw the reaction and took to Twitter to denounce the fans, saying that Kawhi brought them a championship and that they shouldn't be that tough on him.

"Take the “fan” hat off for once and put the “player” hat on and see if you will still boo a player...," Thomas said.

The Raptors eventually lost the game 125-107, making Kawhi's return to the city all the more forgettable.

Do you think Thomas has a point? Should the fans be a little bit more forgiving of Kawhi?