Isaiah Thomas has had an interesting career in the NBA, to say the least. Thomas was at his absolute peak while playing with the Boston Celtics and unfortunately, he hasn't been able to enjoy that same type of success, since. Most recently, Thomas was traded by the Washington Wizards to the Los Angeles Clippers. At first, it seemed like Thomas was a depth move but in the end, he was waived. Now, the point guard is a free agent and is looking for some work. 

In a recent interview, Thomas went in-depth on everything he has faced throughout the years and how a lot of it has taken a toll. He also spoke about the Clippers trade and said he was ultimately surprised they moved him.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“I was surprised, but I understood the situation on the business side of things,” Thomas said according to Hoops Hype. “I was really a throw-in in the trade. It’s not like they were really trading for me; they were trading for Marcus Morris, which I understand. In my nine years in the NBA, I’ve learned that anything can happen. I thought it could work and I thought it was a good fit for me, but they thought otherwise. That’s okay. Now, I’m just trying to figure out the best situation moving forward.”

Thomas recently admitted he would be interested in rejoining the Celtics which would certainly be a huge move. For now, though, Thomas is simply thinking about his options.