NBA All-Star weekend is in Chicago this year which means Bulls fans are extremely excited about the event. The Bulls have boasted some incredible All-Stars over the years including the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. One of their biggest rivals during the late 80s and early 90s was none other than the Detroit Pistons led by Isiah Thomas. Today, Thomas was on First Take where he talked about the Bulls-Pistons rivalry and how he felt about it all.

As you can imagine, Thomas was quite defensive when pressed by Max Kellerman. Kellerman made the argument that once Jordan got another All-Star, he was finally able to push the Pistons to seven games. Thomas countered that argument by saying he never needed another All-Star and did it all himself. He later said head-to-head the Pistons were better which, of course, was met with some raucous boos from the Chicago crowd.

Kellerman seemed to heavily disagree with Thomas' arguments although he should know that the NBA legend is biased. When asked if your team was better than one of the greatest dynasties ever, you're going to say yes. You always want to believe you're the best and that's exactly what Thomas was doing here.

What do you think of Thomas' comments? Do you agree with him or is he way off?