Israel Adesanya is highly-regarded in the UFC world as one of the most exciting fighters out there. While he is the Middleweight champion, Adesanya decided to go up to the Light Heavyweight class just this past weekend, where he lost to the likes of Jan Blachowicz. This means that Adesanya will probably have to go back down to his current class for a while, just to get warmed back up for the heavier weights again.

While his goal has always been to fight Jon Jones, it seems like Adesanya's coach Eugene Bareman doesn't think too highly of the legend. During a conversation with Submission Radio, Bareman dissed Jones for taking PEDs while also claiming that the fighter is irrelevant all while comparing him to TJ Dillashaw.

Jon Jones

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“Once you cheat, Jon Jones is about as irrelevant as TJ Dillashaw,” Bareman said. “It’s like, to me they don’t exist. Like, yeah, is anything that TJ Dillashaw did in the past relevant now that he’s cheated? No. It’s not any different for Jon Jones. So, you can’t talk to me about Jon Jones. I have a particular opinion, and that isn’t shared by the rest of the world. So, at the moment the greatest 205-er is Jan Błachowicz. There’s no one else. There’s no one else as great as him.”

Bareman went on to say that Blachowicz is the best Light Heavyweight and that Jones shouldn't even be in the discussion. These words are certainly harsh although they certainly help promote a potential matchup if such a thing were to ever happen.

Jon Jones

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