Loyalty and lyricism are two an important qualities in the rap game. Luckily, the subject of the following image have both in spades. Issa Gold, known for being one half of The Underachievers, recently posted up a heartfelt picture of himself and the homie Joey Bada$$.

"That’s the big homie I’ll kill you for him he don’t even gotta lift a finger word to Tre we 3x M8V3N from Back to Far West," writes Issa, in a heartfelt display of loyalty to the Badmon. While the gesture is a good look for the talented lyricist, it's his following message that has our interest piqued. "Team Dark Skinned album coming soon," writes Issa, before elaborating on the absolutely stacked roster of  "Me Meech and Joey lol." While not quite the Beast Coast some might be hoping for, the idea of Issa Gold, Joey Bada$$ and Meechy Darko teaming up to wreak havoc is a promising notion indeed. 

After all, Meechy is coming off the drop of what may very well be the album of the year thus far, Flatbush ZombiesVacation In Hell. Seems like he's still got some verses on deck. As for Joey, the young entrepreneurial mind has been actively expanding his repertoire, linking up with unlikely collaborators XXXTentacion, as well as Russ and IDK. Clearly, big things are popping off for the Badmon. We haven't heard much from Issa, nor Ak for that matter, since the release of the slept on Renaissance last summer. Hopefully this joint project will materialize sooner than later.