Issa Rae is now a successful television writer who has scored nominations at the Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, MTV Movie Awards and more, so it's safe to say her bank account is sitting pretty. Before she blew up to be the big name she is, she was blowing up her visa card racking up $25K in debt. The Insecure actress and creator paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time and talked about her expensive past. 

“I had thought, when I discovered credit cards, I was like ‘This is easy! The game is locked. All you do is get free money and I keep ordering cards and you pay like $25 a month. I can sustain this. This is easy. Eventually, I’ll be rich.,'" she said.

She added how her spendings were getting to be too much. “It’s a trap. That’s how they get you," she said. After applying for credit cards at gas stations and getting denied, it was a wake-up call to get her finances in order and it seems as though Issa has been doing good ever since. 

Watch the clip below.