Yesterday, J.I.D. and J. Cole set the morning ablaze with the release of "Off Deez," the latest single from DiCaprio 2. If you weren't already aware, the Dreamville movement is barrelling forward, with the young Atlanta rapper leading the charge. J. Cole can't help but beam with pride, taking to Twitter to shower their latest collaboration with some lofty praise. "Soty?" he ponders, hinting that "Off Deez" is a viable contender for song of the year. "Shoot video? You tell me." Clearly, Cole is chomping at the bit to bring this one to life, and why wouldn't he? He absolutely murders it.

J.I.D seems more than willing to set the wheels in motion. "Let's activate," he writes, prompting J. Cole to respond with some self-deprecating humor. The witty banter is a deeper testament to the bond between the two lyricists, and we can only hope they continue to collaborate at an increasing rate. While "Off Deez" marks the first official duet between J.I.D and Cole, the former has been murdering the latter's production for a minute, with such bangers as "D/Vision" and "Lauder."

Peep the exchange below, and should you be new to J.I.D's music, be sure to familiarize yourself with the premium starter kit.