For those who have been following the news, J. Cole is set to launch his new basketball sneaker in partnership with Puma, appropriately named the "Dreamer." Speaking on the upcoming release, Cole broke it down as follows: “When said out loud, all the best dreams sound crazy. Dreamer was created with the belief that, still, we must follow ours, no matter how unachievable they may seem to others." Not only that, but he also promised appeal for both basketball players and casual consumers, a quality that should give the "Dreamer" added longevity. 

J. Cole Dreamer Sneaker

Josh Brasted/FilmMagic/Getty Images

With the sneaker set to hit stores tomorrow, J. Cole took to Twitter to share a new promo clip, one that finds him drawing on the gravitas of a fellow hip-hop legend. As he sinks three after threes, Master P paints a compelling picture contrasting the "Dreamer" mentality. "You can't be serious," says P. "I know you ain't bout to try to do what I think you bout to try to do, cause that would be crazy. And you not crazy is you? I know you got more sense than that young blood. Hold up, I think the homie's really trying to do it."

Check out the full clip below -- especially if you're interested in seeing Cole's on-court prowess in action. Should you be interested in repping Dreamville to the fullest, you can cop the new sneaker tomorrow at Foot Locker, with prices starting at $125 USD.