This weekend, a video started making the rounds online that allegedly shows J. Cole getting into a fight, throwing punches and hitting the ground. Obviously, the man in the video bears a striking resemblance to Cole. However, some people aren't sure what to believe. The general consensus appears to be that the man is, in fact, not the Dreamville rapper but an extreme lookalike.

If this is Cole getting punched in the face, we hope he's doing well and he's got people looking after him. However, with the amount of security that the K.O.D artist likely brings around with him, we doubt that something this serious would ever pop off. Nevertheless, a video was captured of somebody that looks almost identical to J. Cole getting into a physical altercation. The dude has long dreads and a beard. He's also pretty tall, like Cole himself. In the clip, he's wearing a flannel shirt and red pants. 

After watching the video, do you think it's Cole or just someone that looks a lot like him? Personally, I'm leaning towards the latter. Adam22 and a bunch of other people are also saying that there is no way this is him. He's not wearing a pair of Jordan 1's so chances are, this is just a clone.