J. Cole has been absolutely clinical in 2018. While his KOD album has been one of the year's strongest drops thus far, his excellent featured verses on songs like Royce Da 5'9"'s "Boblo Boat" and Jay Rock's "OSOM" are proof that a selective nature can work wonders. Now, with his KOD tour set to pop off imminently, the world at large is still clamoring for more Cole. Luckily, it would appear that Cole himself remains intent on murdering instrumentals, taking to Twitter to announce open season on any-and-all beats that come his way.

Like Lil Wayne before him, Cole has requested to be fed beats. By his own words, "everything getting murdered." The words of a man entering, as they say, "mixtape mode." As his DMs no doubt fill with producers aspirant, speculation has already begun. Could Cole indeed be entering the studio so soon? Not to mention, is he actually looking to diversify his production on this go-around? Cole tends to carry the load himself, a testament to his talent to be sure, yet one has to wonder what an outside voice might cook up.

In any event, we hope that Cole feels generous, and shares the fruits of his labor as he sees fit.