J. Cole remains one of the most elusive figures in rap music, mainly due to the fact that he doesn't make himself accessible on social media. That doesn't mean he isn't lurking, though. Just last night, Bas was living streaming on Twitch when he crashed his four-wheeler while still landing smoothly on his feet. "Went on twitch last night to share new music and new failures. Can we talk about my agility on that landing tho? It must be the Dreamers. Thanks @realcoleworld," he captioned the post on IG.

It didn't take long for J. Cole to actually chime in on the post. Now, it's a total rarity for Cole to actually comment publicly on anything but he made it clear that Bas has a long way to go before his skill set will be on par with Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill.

"dawgggggg. Chilllll. Meek mill and uzi gone be disgusted when they see this," Cole wrote with a ton of laughing emojis. He did commend Bas for ultimately landing on his feet. "That landing graceful tho," Cole added.

"I know bro. All the bikers on road were showing me mad love too had me gassed, I thought I was gang," Bas replied. Check out the post below.