J. Cole actually has a legitimate chance to make the NBA, according to Master P. If he ends up impressing the right people during his tryout with the Detroit Pistons, he has a chance to earn even more practice runs, which could eventually lead to a 10-day contract or a longer stint in the league. While the prospect of this happening has hip-hop fans pretty excited, people that have devoted their lives to the sport aren't too pleased.

Taking to Twitter, Devonte Green, a four-year player from Indiana who is not currently expected to be chosen in the draft, said that if he knew rapping would get him more looks in the league, he'd have picked up a microphone.

"I would’ve considered being a rapper if I knew it got u free NBA tryouts," said Devonte, the brother of Los Angeles Lakers sharpshooter Danny Green. "If you know me u know there’s no hate behind this tweet lol but feel free to keep trolling so I can laugh some more."

People have been criticizing Devonte for the tweet, telling him that if he were more consistent, he too likely would have earned a tryout. 

Despite all the talk about J. Cole earning a tryout with the Pistons, it's still unlikely that he ends up playing professionally. The rapper is 35-years-old, which is older than the majority of players in the league. He is also just now expressing his interest in playing, catching up to millions of hoopers who have consistently been bettering their skills for years.

Do you think J. Cole will sign as a free agent?