Nearly one week after its release, J. Cole's K.O.D. continues to resonate with fans; some have even deemed the project Cole's best work to date. It's obvious that the album means a lot to the Dreamville rapper, who recently opened up about the project in an extensive interview. Today, Cole took to Twitter to answer a few fan questions about K.O.D, providing several interesting insights about the conceptually charged album.

One fan asked the rapper about his favorite tracks, and Cole wasted little time in coming through with a reply: "Window Pain," "Brackets", and "The Cut Off." He does, however, confirm that his mind will inevitable change.

He also reveals that while the project was initially devised in two weeks, that  was merely the "first version." The one made available to us was actually the product of six months worth of work, total. 

Cole also spoke about some of his favorite memories that went down during the recording process, detailing out a few notable occurrences. "Zanzibar. Did The cut off, Kevin's heart, FRIENDS and window pain back to back to back. Plus Royce feature. Super zone. "With my son in Tanzanian sun rays thinking bout them days." I got blessed," writes Cole, referring to the Royce collaboration "Boblo Boat." 

When asked about the hardest song to finish, Cole revealed that "ATM" and "Motiv8" were the most difficult, largely due to chasing a perfect drum sound. 

His favorite bar? " "One thing about the men that's controllin' the pen that write history... They always seem to white out they sins," off "Brackets." 

His response to a question about repetitive hooks is also interesting.

As of now, the mini-AMA is still ongoing over at J. Cole's Twitter feed. Check it out, and be sure to revisit our official K.O.D review.