J. Cole is a man of many talents beyond just music. While most fans are still listening to his new project The Off-Season, Cole has been focusing on other ventures such as his newfound pro basketball career. Cole recently signed with the Rwanda Patriots of the Basketball Africa League and this morning, he is making his debut with the team. He is slated to play between three to six games this season and fans have been excited to see whether or not he can keep up with the opposition.

Early on in today's game, Cole was able to check into the game and he's played quite a few minutes to start. At first, it seemed as though Cole was mostly making his moves on the defensive end thanks to a plethora of stops and solid rotations. However, Cole was able to break through and get his first points as a pro, off of a rebound.

J. Cole

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

In the Twitter clip below, Cole was seen trailing his teammate who couldn't get the layup to go. That's when Cole grabbed the rebound and made no mistake getting the basket. While it wasn't the smoothest basket you'll ever see, it's definitely a shot that he will never forget.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact he'll make throughout the rest of the game, although his performance has been promising thus far.