Today, J. Cole is the subject of a GQ cover story, which draws back to his All-Star Game headlining performance. During the extensive piece, Cole reflects on his journey, legacy, time in the spotlight, interviewing Lil PumpRevenge Of The Dreamers 3, and more.

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Speaking about the Dreamers 3 studio session, a process he orchestrated back in January, Cole likened the experience to a notoriously magical spot. "It was like Disneyland or some shit,” he claims. Sharing an anecdote, Cole paints a vivid picture of receiving a text from Buddy. “I ran in. The room was thick with smoke, and Buddy, this rapper from Compton, played me this song that felt like a Pharcyde song.” The collaborative nature of the sessions seemed to awaken a revelation within him, one pertaining to his "reclusive" reputation.

“I've been so secluded within myself that people think I don't like anybody, that I won't work with anybody. It's a reputation that's been extending to my artists, too," explains Cole. “I don't even know how this shit works all the way anymore, the game. And if I don't know, I've got to learn.” The author suggests that such a re-evaluation led to the spontaneous drop of "Middle Child," and even alludes to some potential features on Cole's next project. The rapper elaborates, teasing the possibility. "Well, I don't have any right now that I really want to boast about,” he says.  “Not saying it's impossible. It's just about getting out of my comfort zone." 

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