A few days back, J. Cole dropped off his return single "Middle Child," presumably recorded during the historical Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions. Now, with the track garnering instant acclaim, including praise from Cardi B and famed fictional middle-child Frankie Muniz, Cole has doubled down on a hype-inducing narrative. While a string of excellent 2018 music brought the rapper's status to new heights, Cole seems hellbent on permeating the entire calendar year with his, and the greater Dreamville movement's, presence. 

We have reason to believe that Cole is a man of his word. After all, he's likely got a slew of projects on the docket, including his own sixth studio album, a KiLL Edward project, the Dreamers 3 project, EarthGang's MirrorLand, and a recently announced J.I.D/No I.D. collaboration album. Plus, Cole seems to be moving with notable confidence of late, settling nicely into his role as a titan-esque presence. He's long been considered as hip-hop's benevolent king, though what happens when said king develops self-awareness? By his own admission, we shall see.