J. Coles KOD album has entered our imaginations and locked the door behind it. Not only is it receiving unanimous praise from critics but it is also breaking streaming records in the process. The title track "KOD" has managed 4.2 million U.S streams in its opening day on the Spotify streaming service, according to chart data, a think tank that analyzes and compiles sales figures in the music industry.

The honor for biggest opening day in the U.S. was previously held by Taylor Swift for "Look What You Made Me Do," a song we have no reason to believe pertains to objective thinking, so help me God. J. Cole achieved this honor by leaving so much to the imagination. Esrlier this week, he hid behind a heteronym, and although we were quick to suss things out, his devices remain a mystery to critics and fans alike. Some had even suggested he lost his passion for the art form.

These reported numbers all but suggest he will secure a lofty spot on the Billboard 100, as Spotify account for much of the tally along with single sales. We welcome back "kiLL edward" in his evolved form.