Is it safe to say that J. Cole is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts? Since KOD, it seems as if the acclaimed superstar can do no wrong, from delivering our album of the year selection to lacing damn near everyone with stellar featured verses. Now, with the year only getting started, Cole has already quarterbacked the historical Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions; not to mention, rumored drops like The Off Season and The Fall Off are still in the pipeline.

Now, Cole is getting ready to drop off his first single of the year, "Middle Child," which arrives tonight at 9 PM EST. If that wasn't ample reason for hype, consider these recent words from producer !llmind. "Heard 'Middle Child' at the Dreamers sessions and trust me when I say....u know what? I don't even have words." 

Seeing as "Middle Child" has already left his inner circle reeling, it seems entirely possible that Cole will take to the ground spazzing. We've already seen him share fragments of combative lyrics, teasing an "in my bag" mentality. Some have even speculated that "Middle Child" alludes to the oft-cited trifecta of himself, Kendrick, and Drake. Perhaps we're looking at the groundwork for Cole's very own "Control?" Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the track to drop later tonight, and shout out to !llmind for stoking the fires of hype.