When J. Cole dropped his KOD album last Friday, it's safe to say that he dropped a bomb on the rap game. The album has only been out for a week and is already well on its way to being one of the best selling albums of the year, but it seem's that Cole isn't through yet. 

Yesterday, Cole had an unusually active afternoon on social media, taking the time to answer some of his fans' most pressing questions. Some of the highlights of this impromptu Q&A session was the reveal of this three favorite songs from the album, as well as the confirmation that he's already working on his next albumThe Fall Off, as well as an album for his mysterious alter-ego, Kill Edward. 

He also shared one more important piece of news that's sure to get Cole fans salivating: a deluxe edition of KOD is on the way, and it will contain some exclusive, never before heard, tracks. 

Putting extra songs on a deluxe edition of an album is pretty standard practice for the most part, but typically the deluxe edition of an album drops at the same time as the normal one. Cole didn't reveal any specific release date for when the deluxe edition will drop, but we're undoubtedly excited for any new music Cole will be releasing. 

Will you be copping the deluxe edition of KOD when it comes out, or have you already had too much Cole? Check out Cole's confirmation of the extra songs down below.