Rap-A-Lot Records icon J. Prince, who has been firing off some hot takes regarding young rappers lately, appeared on episode #1581 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Friday, to discuss the music industry and his career.

J. PrinceJemal Countess / Staff / Getty Images

Prince is a legend in the music industry and responsible for assisting in the careers of numerous legendary artists. "You are responsible for a tremendous amount of the music that I listen to," Rogan tells Prince in the podcast.

He adds, "You put together the Geto Boys. Willie D was on here and he explained the whole story to us, that you're the one that talked him into being in the Geto Boys."

Prince recently discussed violence in the music industry with The Jasmine Brand and remarked that there is a lot of "campaigning for darkness."

"Well, it's a lot of campaigning for darkness," said J. Prince. "And when I use that word 'campaigning for darkness,' it's like, when you get on that social media and you get to campaigning and asking for all of this confusion to enter your world, it'll enter your world if you ask for it. A lot of times, once it enter they world, they want to change they mind and it be everlasting too late. So we have to begin now... Let's not campaign and be somebody we're not. I see a lot of that."

Check out the new JRE podcast with Prince below.