J. Prince previously went on the record to call Youngboy Never Broke Again "dumber than a box of rocks". The legendary OG said, "I see you took my kindness for weakness. 'Cause you a dumb boy with limited thinking ability."

Obviously, that's pretty harsh. 

While their relationship seemed irreparable past that point, it appears as though they may be back on good terms-- or, at least, they don't completely hate each other.

During his recent sit-down interview with Ebro Darden, J. Prince spoke about what went wrong with NBA Youngboy, detailing what went down after he tried to help the rapper retrieve a few items that were stolen from his house.

"Since then, the lil homie reached out to me and we had a conversation," said the Rap-a-Lot CEO. "It was a disconnect, come to find out. I had spoke to his brother and I had an understanding and he told me he didn’t have the same understanding with his brother. We agreed to disagree. Ultimately, we agree and it’s all good. It’s all good moving forward. I think I said it best when I made a statement: I don’t wanna be his friend or his enemy, so it’s all good with me as of today."

The situation in question came after somebody seemingly broke into Youngboy's home and stole the keys to some of his cars. J. Prince offered to help, which YB didn't seem to appreciate one bit. That led to Prince saying that the 20-year-old rapper was "dumber than a box of rocks". 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

As for why he went forward to diss Youngboy, J. Prince said:

"I want them to learn and I want them to know. Publicly on the social media thing, there’s a new method of communicating with the young—and it’s important to communicate with the young, not only for myself but for others. I don’t like disconnects where beef is concerned. So when you see me speak publicly, normally it’s out of love. I’m trying to calm the storm before things take off in a different direction. That was my meaning behind it, just to let one know my position and where I stood."

We're glad to see things are alright between them.