Ja Morant will most likely end up with rookie of the year award at the end of the season, and for good reason. From beginning to end, Morant was one of the most impressive players in the league as he was just two wins away from taking his Memphis Grizzlies to the playoffs. This was a pretty stunning turn of events considering many had the Grizzlies being a bottom-five team in the league.

Yesterday, the Grizzlies were eliminated from playoff contention as they lost by four to the Portland Trail Blazers in a postseason play-in game. Following the game, Morant spoke to reporters about his performance, noting that ever since playing the Toronto Raptors four games earlier, he had been operating with a fractured thumb on his right hand. 

This was a fairly shocking admission although perhaps the wrap on his wrist and thumb was enough to clue people in that at least something was wrong. Despite the injury, Morant still put up a valiant effort for the Grizzlies and you surely can't fault him for the team's failure to make the playoffs.

Heading into next year, Morant will be fully healthy which means you can expect him to be poised for an incredible sophomore campaign.