Ja Morant came into the NBA with a chip on his shoulder and he has easily been one of the league's most impressive players, early on. The Memphis Grizzlies star has put his team in a playoff position with just over 20 games to go in the season. It remains to be seen whether or not the Grizzlies will get there but so far, so good.

Morant is one of the frontrunners for the Rookie Of The Year trophy although if you had asked anyone about a month ago, it would have been clear that Morant should win. Now, Morant is facing stiff competition from Zion Williamson who has been brilliant in his first 15 games. There seems to be a real debate as to who should win the award but according to Omari Sankofa of The Athletic, Morant couldn't care less.

“I honestly don’t care about Rookie of the Year. They can give that to who they want," Morant said. This answer is certainly open for interpretation in the sense that he could either really not care, or he would rather focus on something else because, in actuality, it's bothering him. Regardless of what his reason for feeling this way is, there is no doubt he will most likely come away with the ROTY trophy, especially if his team makes the postseason.

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