When he's not busy organizing the updated version of Fyre Festival (this is a real thing that's happening...), Ja Rule can be found firing shots at his arch-nemesis 50 Cent. Their feud goes back years and it doesn't look like it will be ending anytime soon. In an effort to get the two rappers to make amends, Andy Cohen asked the iconic star to say three nice things about Fif but the Murder Inc. rapper wasn't able to oblige. Instead, he took to social media to rip his rival a new one.

Last month, things picked back up in their beef over an upcoming movie based on The Supreme Team. 50 Cent has a spotty history with the crew, especially with McGriff, so he chimed in to promote his own series about Black Mafia Family, making this a competition between both stars. After the most recent development on Cohen's show, Ja Rule decided to clarify why he's been so hard on 50 recently, noting that he's not afraid of his menacing "Fofty" alter-ego.

"I love how all you n***as be like fofty gonna get you here come 50 in 3.2.1... NOBODY is scared of this n***a," he wrote, commenting on a post made by Baller Alert. "Remember he's the one that got beat up poked up and shot up... not I... but carry on I'll be waiting for him to come get me!"

In another comment, Ja Rule recounted a piece of hip-hop history, alleging that BET once had to help 50 Cent to safety after Ja Rule pulled up on him. He told everyone to ask Busta Rhymes and he'll confirm the tale.

Are you tired of this feud?