With Ja Rule weighing in on the Pusha T and Drake beef, boasting that his "Loose Change" lyrics were among the most disrespectful of all time, 50 Cent was bound to try and get the last word. One of the pettiest individuals on the internet, 50 is known as much for being a troll as for his status as a music and entertainment mogul. Claiming that he is the reason that Ja is "driving a Uber" and bringing up the woeful Fyre Festival, 50 had to have been expecting a response from the "Always On Time" hitmaker. If he wasn't prepared, he better get ready quick because an alternate beef has just been rehashed from the Pusha/Drake madness.

Posting a photo of 50 Cent on his Instagram page, Ja went in on the Power producer, taking things from 0-100 with his insults. "Look at this 🤡," started the rapper. "Deadbeat dad, women beater, Rat/Snitch, = y’all favorite!!! Lmao 😂 🤣😭 #mcgusto #noswag I’m a King your a peasant!!! #GoatRule 🐐🐐🐐." While Ja Rule's status as the GOAT is debatable, his opinions about Fif have not changed one bit. While his influence on the game cannot be argued, Ja's reputation has been slightly tarnished from his legal difficulties, namely the Fyre Festival. Not holding back in the least bit, Ja threw out every allegation he can think of to bring down his nemesis.

We would be silly to think that 50 is just going to let this slide. How long do you give for him to come up with a response?