The 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule feud has enjoyed a longer life-span than the average Lil Pump fan, and seemed to have hit a renewed stride in recent months. Now, the schoolyard has officially gotten a little bit safer. Despite threats being hurled as early as this morning, it would appear that every man has his breaking point. Ja took to Twitter to declare a victory of sorts, revealing that 50 Cent actually blocked the Murda Inc legend on social media. Ja seemed to find this particularly amusing, especially given Fif's reputation as an apex predator.

"He can dish it but can’t take it," gloats Ja. "Stop acting like everything he do is dope he’s TRASH." He continues, writing "how’s that get the strap on single doing for you???" Admittedly, it does seem out of character for 50 to hit the block button; he once vowed that he doesn't "back down," during a Ja Rule diss track no less. Perhaps he simply decided to take the high road, having grown tired of engaging with his old sparring partner.

Unfortunately, Ja's appetite seems whetted, and years of pent-up rage are beginning to manifest. The memes roll like heads in Sleepy Hollow. "50 Cynthia" and Fifty's notorious foray into method acting are evoked with furious glee. He even asks about the ill-fated "50 Central," though given 50's decision to hit the block button, the question is more rhetorical than anything.

Is this one over? If so, who took the W?