"Ja Rule stank up the joint," could it be? The consensus on Twitter is that Ja Rule underwhelmed in his halftime performance at a Milwaukee Bucks game last night. Fortunately for Ja, that's not how his fans view the situation, those of which who posted lovely messages of support underneath a social post commemorating the occasion.


But of course, the Internet trolls came out in droves. The fact video/audio footage exists depicting a Ja Rule getting no "pop" whatsoever from a seemingly unenthused Minnesota crowd.


To make matters even worse, the Bucks players began their warmup interlude, on the court might I add, before Ja Rule could even wrap up his set. Watch as the cameraman loses focus on the performance at hand, to shadow the "Greek Freak's" warmup up shots - savage, I tell you.


Ja Rule was taking the lack of interest in stride until he'd noticed a disparaging tweet issued by the Minnesota Timberwolves social media dept, insinuating that everyone involved in the production, including the visiting club, came out a loser due to Ja Rule's "piss poor" performance. "We too were hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray," the Minnesota Timberwolves wrote in a Twitter musing that remains posted (as of this writing). 


Ja Rule took the fight directly to the 'Wolves front office, suggesting they'd made a cursed mistake in messing with the GOD, as he chose to refer to himself. Ja's inference of a "kiss of death" hearkens back to the days when Lil B held the Sporting World at ransom. For the record, Ja Rule did invariably place a 30-year championship curse, something he likely didn't have to commit himself to, judging by the team's overlying dysfunction.