Donald Trump went out bad in his last few weeks as President of the United States. All this talk about election fraud and a stolen election resulted in an insurrection on Capitol Hill that he's accused of inciting. Of course, his social media activity was largely to blame for this since he's known to recklessly tweet out anything and everything. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other social media banned him while his last resort, Parler, is now being investigated by the FBI.

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Thankfully for Trump, he didn't run out of options. Ja Rulecame to save the day. By now, you've probably heard of Ja Rule's new app Iconn. The app is designed as a celebrity booking app so naturally, it would make sense for Trump to have a page. However, even for Ja Rule's, there are limitations. On a recent appearance on TMZ, Ja Rule explained that he wouldn't ban Trump from joining the platform, though he would have to take action if DJT tried to weaponize Iconn to stir up his fanbase. "Anybody can go on any platform they want but I suppose if he started doing crazy things like riling up his base and, you know, get the Proud Boys going on Iconn, yeah, then he got to go," he explained.

Ultimately, Ja Rule agreed with Jack Dorsey's message of discretion towards banning Trump, though it seems Ja is willing to take the risk.