Unfortunately, seeing Ja Rule's name emerge in the trending Twitter topics has come to elicit a dawning sense of dread: a what-now type of sentiment, if you will. Given that the once-mighty Murder Inc hitmaker spent many years delivering chart-topping hits, only to have a long-running feud with 50 Cent send his stock plummeting, there are some who feel that Rule's story is a tragedy. Especially when the notorious Fyre Festival comes into the equation.

Ja Rule

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Yet Rule himself appears to be loving life to the fullest, "Livin It Up" as he once did all those years ago. As you might have seen, Ja recently surfaced in a low-budget commercial for "Papa Cristo's," a local Greek restaurant that, in all honesty, looks like a delightful spot. It didn't take long for Twitter to actively roast the ad, the negativity only intensifying once 50 Cent caught wind of it. Yet Ja has made it clear that he stands by his work, taking to Twitter to clarify what drove him to do the ad in the first place.

"We all know we going through a tough time right now, especially mom and pop shops," he explains. "My heart goes out to these businesses. So today, I'm helping out Papa Cristo's. The spot has been around for seventy years, it's a staple in the community in Los Angeles. But like most of the mom and pop shops, he's had a tough year. So I'm going to use my notoriety, my fame, to help him out in a show that I created called "Pitch Perfect."

He also took a moment to thank the people who making his commercial trend, promising that there's more where that came from on the way. All things considered, Ja seems to be having the time of his life, not to mention doing some positive community work in the process. Do you think Ja Rule deserves some love for holding it down for the mom and pop shops?