Jack Harlow has been having himself an incredible 2020 and it seems like things will only be getting better for him from here on out. Meanwhile, Russ has been one of the most consistent hip-hop artists in his lane as he continues to sell big numbers on each release, while also paving the way for other artists to maintain their independence. While the two have never been linked before, that all changed this weekend as they and their respective crews took part in a basketball tournament featuring other prominent hip-hop artists.

This tournament was called "The Crew League" and based on footage posted to Twitter by No Jumper, it's clear that the first matchup got a bit more heated than one would expect. In the clip below, it appears as though Harlow goes to block someone on Russ' team and hits them with an incredibly hard foul. This then escalates into a bit of a showdown as members of each team run onto the court to breakup the fight.

We can't exactly see where Russ was in all of this but it does appear as though Harlow was the one to cause the whole thing. After all, sports can always tend to get pretty heated so we're sure it was nothing more than just a case of over-competitiveness.

With "The Crew League" tournament marching forward, it will be interesting to see if anymore brawls breakout.

Jack Harlow

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images