After differences that resulted in a restraining order against former co-star Bam Margera, the Jackass team has set out to replace the lost cast member with several new faces for the upcoming Jackass 4.

New additions to the wild crew include Odd Future founding member Jasper Dolphin — who recently “became a human beehive” for an installment of Vice’s JASPER & ERROL'S FIRST TIME. 

Surfer Sean McInerney, a.k.a. Poopsies slid his way into the cast thanks to his stunt work with professional surfer Jamie O’ Brien on Red Bull’s Who is JOB.

Zach Holmes, affectionately better known as “Zackass”, earned a spot on the team likely because of his experience on films such as Too Stupid To Die and his own prank Youtube page with over 30K subscribers.

Each new member of the team seems perfectly on par with the daring stunts and prank-filled comedy creations that uphold the Jackass name. 

The film will also bring back Jackass veterans Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, and Preston Lacy. 

In an interview with GQ last month, Jackass OG Johnny Knoxville revealed that Jackass 4 will be his final run with the franchise in order to not press his luck stating, “You can only take so many chances before something irreversible happens,” he said. “I feel like I've been extremely lucky to take the chances I've taken and still be walking around.”

Jackass 4 is set to release on October 22.