Not one unfamiliar with outlandish stunts, like recently tattooing Tekashi 6ix9ine's face on his friend, Steve-O is back at it again, stunning the public with another wild antic. Taking creative marketing to a whole new level, the Jackass star decided to tape himself to a billboard to promote his upcoming comedy special. 

In a video posted to his Instagram story, Steve-O says that he has been up on the billboard supported by duct tape for an hour and a half. He also remarks that he sees cops below him but is not worried because although pulling a dangerous stunt, he is technically “not committing any crimes.” “Hopefully the whole world gets the message about what I'm promoting” he adds.


Rich Fury/Getty Images

Surrounding him, text on the billboard reads “Steve-O, GNARLY, a very naughty multimedia special…” with a link to his website. Later, he was assisted with coming down by the Los Angeles Fire Department. 

Twitter users were quick to weigh in on the antics, providing some hilarious reactions. “This is the type of dedication I admire in a man,” one woman wrote.” Other’s were less amused, such as one woman who called Steve-O’s behavior and Jackass examples of white privilege. Check out the video and reactions below.