Earlier this week, it was rumored that outgoing President Donald Trump had included Lil Wayne and Kodak Black on his lengthy list of presidential pardons. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Trump released the list of the people he was granting clemency, with the names of the artists included. Spawning all types of reactions across social media from fans and friends alike of the rappers, people are still thrilled about the news. Sniper Gang member went on Instagram live to praise Trump for releasing his friend Kodak, adding that the President insisted on "cutting up" one last time in office. 

"I f*ck with Trump, he just snapped," he began while talking to viewers on Instagram live. "N*ggas was locked up bout a million times when Obama was in that motherf*cker, Trump snapped," he said before reading a few comments of people reacting to his bold claims.  

"He saying trump just wanna do that now cus it's his last day in the office," the 23-year-old read while on live. He explained, "Why not, that's hard! That show yall that he snapped and he can't do certain sh*t the whole time cus y'all gone kick me out the office, ya know what I'm saying. So my last day imma cut up right quick and let all the real street n*ggas go, imma cut up one time."

While lighting a blizz on the camera, he adds Trump should've freed a couple more of the homies if he was in the pardoning-mood. 

Kodak Black was officially released from prison on Wednesday, January 20th according to documents sourced by DJ Akademiks.