There are no problems, or debts, between Jackie Long and 50 Cent. At least, that's what Jackie told Keyshia Cole. The actor dropped by Fox Soul's One on One with Keyshia Cole to chat about his decades-long career and during their talk, Keyshia asked about last year's internet rift between Jackie and Fif. 

Last year, Fif called Jackie out online with accusations that the actor owed him  $250K. "You gotta pay me," he wrote. "Puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life n*gga." Ray J and Nick Cannon got involved and there was a brief war of words, but according to Jackie, everything is good between himself and his good friend 50 Cent.

"I think he owe me at this point," Jackie said about overpaying Fif. Then, Keyshia asked if Jackie paid 50 Cent in full and he said, "Hell nah!" Jackie explained that all of this "came at a time when we had just lost the great Nipsey Hussle, and what 50 did wasn't just funny, but it was entertaining in a way to say somebody owed him money."

Jackie said he admires Fif for being an entrepreneur and shared that he looks to the rapper like a brother. He explained that when they hang out with one another, they talk about what they're working on. Keyshia was trying to get to the point about Fif calling out Jackie about the debt, but all Jackie would do was speak highly of the Power mogul.

"Shout out to Fifty," Jackie added. "He's a great father. A great friend. And we doing a lot of things that we gon' surprise the world with and I'm not gon' speak on it right now. I'll let him do his job." Watch the clip of Jackie Long praising 50 Cent on One on One with Keyshia Cole below.