Jacquees is no doubt making a name for himself. As a young man on the rise, he exudes fierce confidence, an attitude he was glad to share. The singer filmed a video in which he ranked himself as the top dop in R&B.

"I just want to let everybody know that I'm the king of R&B right now...for this generation. I understand who done came and who done did that and that and that but now it's my turn. Jacquees, the king of R&B. I just heard em said and I feel it. ATL, let's get it. I'm the king of R&B."

His claims were shot down swiftly. Tank came through with his own take on Jacquees' claims.

"The accusations don't disqualify what he's accomplished. Second, if you can't go to the studio BY YOURSELF and make a hit record, you're not my king. If you can't sing it better live, you're not my king."

Tyrese shared similar sentiments: "Let me put you up on what's really movin bruh. This ain't Hip Hop my n*gha. You can't come in this game, get hot for a year and then try a #T69 n*ghas and throw that there word KING around..."

Eric Bellinger laughed the whole thing off, saying, "N**gas gotta put a lil more time in. [They] gotta actually have some hits, some consistency..."

Pleasure P, the lead singer of Pretty Ricky, chimed in with a balance of positivity and bluntness: "Since we're all friends, we should put out a song at the same time on the same day and let the public decide who got the best record, but I'm telling y'all— y'all not f**king with your n***a right here."

"Nobody should be the king of anything. Everybody got hits. Everybody should tour together and uplift each other. That's the problem with R&B ni**as. R&B ni**as always wanna act like they better than [the other]."

He concluded his statement with a bold suggestion for Tank: "N*gga, shut yo ass up. Stop crying like a bitch and get money."