Jacquees received a lot of criticism for calling himself the new "King of R&B." The online hate was then followed by a petition demanding that he stop covering songs from other artists. According to his haters, Jacquees has been ruining classics. Over 50K people have signed this petition. Despite the magnitude of the call against his singing, Jacquees remains confident. 

He recently addressed the petition during an interview with 107.5. The singer can only laugh at the matter. He acknowledges that the individuals who signed the petition are actually people, but they simply don't seem real to him since they have not addressed the singer directly. He says he "ain't worried about nothing" and is very happy with the current status of his career. "You can't say nothing to Jacquees to make me feel some type of way," he said. "I just be laughing. I get a kick out of this stuff."

"I'm a real dude. I'm from the hood. All of this was a dream. I made it. God is great," he added. "I'm so positive. I'm in a great space in my life." And just like that, the young artist will not succumb to online bullying and will keep doing his own thing right into the new year.