Jacquees may have people signing a petition to ban him from making music but that doesn't stop him from smiling wide and enjoying the finer things in his life such as his impressive jewelry collection. The "B.E.D." singer stopped off at GQ's offices for their Insane Jewelry Collection series where Jacquees starts things off by explaining how his first chain was gifted to him by Birdman

It was a GTV chain that let "you know you were really Rich Gang" while other rappers who boast the unique piece are Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. Apparently, Jacquees had a lot more to his collection, especially gifted pieces, but he had them stolen on a trip to Germany. 

"A lot of my jewelry that was gifted got stolen," he said. "I took a trip to Germany and Stunna had gave me two new chains. [People] broke into our car and stole my jewelry but Birdman just gave me another chain." As for his favourite piece, it's the self-titled chain of his very own signature. He explained how he perfected his autograph when he was in detention in high school and would scribble it everywhere and his teacher kept it and probably has it framed. 

"I keep in touch with a lot of my teachers because when I was coming up my teachers, they helped me," he added. "You know what I'm saying, my teachers they always around me. For my 24th birthday party they was all at my party. They still my teachers, they still educate me on life and all that."  

Watch the full show-off below.