The use of digital enhancements in music isn't new. The first major moment for autotune might have been Cher's "Believe" in 1998. After that, T-Pain came through and popularized a specific type of use for the technology. Still, hearing singers do their thing without any kind of filter is always welcome, even when their interpretation doesn't sound like the original record.

Jacquees' use of autotune doesn't seem to be excessive in his tracks, but the latest clip is a definite confirmation of his producers using it to round off his notes. The singer shared a video of his raw vocals on Instagram. He offered a rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Knock Me Off My Feet," from the back seat of a car. The artist made his intention clear in the caption: "No auto tune challenge !!"

Now, anyone who has a semblance of a good ear for pitch knows that the homie was flat for half of that chorus. He was hitting that "bore" part right under the intended note like a disappointing airball. In fairness, he chose a Stevie Wonder song, which is generally a challenge in itself. Still, Jacquees' undeniable charm can't dissuade our ear from hearing how he messed up the iconic Songs in The Key of Life track.